Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Did what I had to do.

Ok..It's done! My now ex-boss was stunned. He did not expect me quit. But what did he expect? In my previous post I didn't really explain why I was upset. I didn't want to bore you guys with a long rant so I just summed up what I was going to do. Now, I'll quickly tell you what led to that.

I sell Real Estate and I have sold just under 40 properties over the past 5 six years. That's not great but it's also not bad. I was asked to give up my corner office becasue they need the space and so another agent with 12 sales in the past 6 years can keep hers (I've had mine for about 4 years and she just got hers this year, wtf?). The branch manager is an old pervert and this other agent comes in about once a month or so (seriously...she comes to the office only about once a month. That's it.) wearing small outfits and acts all bubbly and flirtatious with him. When you look at the production numbers I just don't see the logic. The only explanation I can see is that this old man has a thing for this woman and wants to keep her around.
So today I told the old perv that I quit and I'll take my business somewhere else where it will be appreciated. He didn't think I was going to do that. He was stunned and stayed quiet for a minute and that was pretty much that. It was almost anti-climactic. I also taught the Real Estate Licencing class so I decided to this about an hour before the class was supposed to start. Needless to say there was no class tonight.

Getting hired at a Real Estate company is as easy as walking into an office with your license and asking for a job. The hard part is selling the houses. My motivation is super high right now. I'm shooting for a better market where homes cost more and to double my production. Fuck that guy!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Time for Change!

This is the second go at writing this post. I had just written a long post going on and on about how terrible my boss and the company I work for are but as I was writing (and well into it I might add) I thought why don't I just write a something brief to sum it all up...

Tomorrow, I'm going to tell my boss to #@&$ off! Well I'm not sure sure if I'll be using those exact words but he'll catch my drift. He's proved himself to be an a-hole and I just rather not deal with it. I'll let you know how it goes everyone!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Close to 100 and a short recap

Hi everyone! I'm close to having 100 followers and I thought for today's post I'll quickly go back and visit my previous posts and update you all on what has changed since then. So here we go...

May 1st...I started this blog with the intent to teach anyone who cares how to grow their own to save money and on June 26th, I posted about having to sell my equipment because of hard times. So the meaning behind the title of this blog "I'm ready to grow!" has now changed for me and is no longer about growing your own. It's more about growing as a person and always trying to better myself.

July 10th - 'looking up'...In this post I write about how dirty the pool is my condo community. I have to looks nice and blue now but I can't help think about how many kids probably peed in it.

July 22nd - 'close call'...Well the branch manager at my office is at it again. Busting my balls over my corner office. I have a meeting with him about it tomorrow. We'll see how it goes.

July 15th - 'Snail's Pace'...I'm still making sure I don't step on any snails...

July 19th - 'Out of my comfort zone'...I still need to get at this. My business needs a kickstart!

July 20th - 'Super Hero'...My dogs are safe and I haven't seen Batman anywhere else. But I have seen the new trailer for Spider-man. Do we really need another Spider-Man movie? Too soon in my opinion.

July 21st - 'WTF?'...I'm not sure what happened to the cop that shot little Canela.

Thanks for reading my blog everyone!