Tuesday, May 31, 2011

time to grow ;-)

Ok so here I am writing my first blog about anything and I'm doing it because I want to save some cash! The thing is I really didn't know where to start when I began to grow and hopefully this blog will help someone who is now in the same place I was at when I started. All I knew was that were soil grows and hydroponic grows and I wanted to do hydroponic. Not sure why but just did. So the first thing I did was cruise the Internet for hydroponic systems. I soon realized that there were a few different kinds and and they were expensive. I mean more expensive than I wanted to pay for my first time growing. So then I considered building my own and almost did but then decided just to buy one. The grow lights were kind of expensive too but I was motivated by what the harvest will bring. I ended up with over 5 zips from 3 plants if your curious.

The system I bought was a 6 plant hydraflow system that used what people call "bubbleponics". It's kind of like a DWC and aeroponic hybrid. There is the reservoir holding the nutrients and roots and the water pump supplying nutrients to the upper root zone and an air pump pumping air in the reservoir to keep the nutrients highly oxygenated and the that makes the roots happy.

I'll come back later to give more details about how the grow. It was super easy...